Sunday, 25 May 2008

Henderson Waves

New things attract attention, and new buildings attract crazy Singaporeans and its foreign workers, like us, who have nothing better to do during weekends.

Its advertised in the local papers that a new pedestrian bridge was built somewhere in one of the nature parks, and was named Henderson Waves. Its the highest pedestrian bridge in the world, wow, that's some selling point and thus became a 'must-see' item in Singapore !

Four languages on a signboard, shame on you Malaysia.

We started our journey near Harbourfront MRT station. We have to track uphill towards the jungle.....and was amazed by our first 'sight'. A weird looking tree.......that resembles....something.
A tree?

The old saying of "There's two sides of a coin" sounds very true when you can think that :
  1. There's nature within the hustle and bustle of the city of Singapore.
  2. There's no escape of the view of the city even though you are in any nature park of Singapore.
It depends on how looks at it though....
Concrete Jungle within jungle?

Nevertheless, we dragged our body towards the peak of the hill......which is around 65m above sea level......
Old liao......

We still go on with our main business, taking photos along the way.

You know you see an artistic person when he takes photos in weird angles.

The bridge is crooked, no wavey, no, it confusing !
Trying to be an artist
A wavy bridge?

Good day out, some light workout and some good photo shooting.
It's considered an excellent outdoor trip in Singaporean term, or at least to foreign workers like us.

Anyway, too lazy to write a lot,(maybe nothing to blog about)so read the description in the photo here yourself!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Spice up your life !

It was a normal Thursday evening. Was off from work early, took a swim and had dinner at Tiong Bharu Plaza with friends JC and JA.

First timer to the restaurant, I was quite amused by the name in chinese 别府面馆 (Benpu Menkan) and its decoration which resemble Hell.

Only then I know they are well-known to serve spicy Japanese ramen. Being adventurous, and to accept the challenge of a dare from JC and JA, I ordered the Oniyama Jigoku (Ramen with Fried Chicken from Hell) and with a spicy rating equivalent to 8 chilli padis. For your information, there are choices from 1 chilli, 2 chillies, 4 chillies, 6 chillies and a maximum of 8 chillies.

Notice the chilli rating under the food description

Me:" I would like to have Oniyama Jigoku, 8 chillies please!"
The waiter even suggested :" Are you sure? I suggest you to just take 4 chillies la...."
Me:" Why? 4 chillies and 8 chillies same price woh......8 chillies la!"
Waiter: "ok ......"

JC, in fear I could not finish the spicy noodles, ordered Tatsumaki Jigoku with 1 chilli so that if the worse case happen, we can mix both noodles together and create a 4-chilli noodle.

JA ordered a seafood paperpot and promised to finish a bottle of sake if I could finish the 8-chilli ramen.

The noodles arrived shortly, looking and smelling spicy.
Looks intimidating

Looking at the shock across the table, the waiter kindly asked :" Do you want a glass of ice cold water?"
Me:"Wah, look down on me? I want hot green tea instead!" (actually its better to drink hot drink when you take spicy food la...)
Waiter: "Ok....."

Picking up the unusually large spoon, I tasted the soup for a start, and man, it's spicy, but still tolerable after my hell-like spicy food eating training in Indonesia.

Then I started eating the ramen....and I started to feel the burn in my mouth.

Couple of minutes later, my stomach started catching fire.

And after 10 minutes, I was virtually crying while eating ramen.........

Amazingly, after like 15 minutes, I don't feel anything anymore.....and I managed to finish the whole bowl of ramen, not including the soup of course.
Job done! Viva King of Spice!

Disappointingly, JA did not keep her promise to drink down a bottle of sake.......and I sacrificed without any returns.

JA, you owe me a bottle of sake!

JA's Seafood Paperpot

They even mention the spicy rating on the receipt! Don't play play!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Batu Caves

I got to admit, I've not been to Batu Caves, until last week.
If its not because my colleague Dr.Stefano from Italy insisted, I won't be there.

That's how an Italian PHD holder in Transmission Network looks like when he drinks from a coconut.

The entrance to Batu Caves is impressive, with the world's tallest statue of Lord Murugan blinding our eyes with its shiny gold paint.

The smart Italiano challenged me to run up the stairs.......not knowing there's a couple of hundred of it............

Ok, its just 272 steps in exact. But it did made us sweat a whole lot!

Why did they ever tried to number the steps?

Looking back from inside the cave

There's not a great deal inside the cave, just a couple of shrines and some monkeys wandering around. Not too interesting.

I did manage to capture this funny picture of my colleague though......haha
This is how he got his PhD....determination and dedication