Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Balls of life

A ball.
A toy to some.
A shape to someone.
A private part of a man.
A way to say woman breast in cantonese.
A represantation of something perfect to someone positive.
A defination of someone being unpredictable to someone negative.
Having a bowl of fish balls, makes me thinking.
Thinking about football.
Thinking about how the earth looks like.
Thinking about my balls.
Thinking about the curves of the leng lui on the next table.
Thinking about yin and yang and the harmonious feeling.
Thinking about that as*hole who used to bullshit all the way throughout his life.
It just got me thinking. Ah....fish ball......

Oh by the way, did you know the Yong Peng (Johor) is famous for its fish balls?
I just did.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Love your country by knowing more of her

I am never someone who likes to criticise my own country. But neither am I someone who turns a deaf ear over other 's comments and critics.

I read this article forwarded by my friend. It's an article about the views and opinion of an Australian journalist on the current affairs in Malaysia.

I must admit, he did all his homework, at least he know that Suria KLCC is not run by a Malaysian company (which I did not know until reading this).

I had to ask myself a question, could this Australian & other people all around the world know more about Malaysia than most of the Malaysian do. Maybe a tourist could tell you what is fun in Malaysia than most of our Malaysian Chinese youngsters could ? (Ask yourself this please!)

If you do not know about your own country well enough, are you in the position to critic your country? Are you in the position to even say you are a Malaysian?

If you do not know the names of the following food, or if you had not tried them before, then shame on you. At least you should know the delicious food in your country, isn't it so?

A quick survey among my friends shown that 4 out of 5 do not know this exist in Malaysia.

5 out of 5 have not tried this before.

Amazingly, 5 out of 5 got this name of this dish half wrong!!!!!

We Malaysian Chinese are just as naive and snobbish as the Malays isn't it?

Thats some similarity being Malaysians.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Refreshing ! Bali !

Amazed, Bali Airport looks like this..............

Friendly, helpful Taxi drivers in Batik shirts......

Fancy looking petrol pumps!

Everyone is cleaning up the beach themselves, no wonder the beach is so clean!

True Bali style exterior design ...............

Duck is Bebek in Indonesia

Babi guling, a famous local delicacy

Bali, a shopping heavan for some, but not for us