Friday, 25 April 2008

A wonderful day!

You just know its a wonderful day when:

1.) There's no one in the MRT train when you board it.
2.) You can sit throughout the 30-minute MRT trip.
3.) You meet a friend in the MRT and you manage to have a conversation.
4.) The sun was hiding behind the clouds when you walk towards your office.
5.) The traffic lights turn green whenever you intend to cross the road.
6.) You are the earliest to reach the office.
7.) You are being assigned to an "overseas" assignment in KL for one week.
8.) You know you have a bus ticket going towards your home country tonight.

When it comes to the extreme, don't you just appreciate little things like this?

Random pictures taken by my company sponsored Samsung D880 (Dual Sim Card function oh...)

This is the machine that gives us 8Mbps of Internet juice....

The real chrysanthemum tea.....with lots of chrysanthemum in it......

Yunan Guo Qiang Mi Xian.....if you know what it is.....

Stir fry Nian Gao .....haha

Scene in Ministry of Manpower on a Monday

Have to say the picture quality lacks way behind Sony Eriksson and Nokia phones.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Time to move on

It was time to move on.

And I moved on.

The future is uncertain, but uncertainty makes human better human.

Certainty makes human robots.

People question me, but I have more than enough strong valid reasons for my actions taken.

For the time being, I just fancy sleeping with a pillow on a Singaporean SMRT bus.