Saturday, 30 August 2008

Be a Malaysian

Regardless of being in mamak stalls, fastfood outlets, fine dining restaurants or pubs,wherever you see Malaysians gather, the current political scenario is one of the topics of discussion.

With Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today,, and blogs of various politician, suddenly, every internet-abled Malaysian is a political expert.

We spend time discussing issues, debating bills that was tabled, talking about policies that should be abolished/ created, and at the end of the day, we the so called "Mamak Political Experts" have ZERO conclusion and not to mention, ZERO actions.

For those who all talk no action, like myself, here are something we could do, and should start doing to ensure Malaysia is a better place. Take your pick.

1. Help out in political events / campaign for your local candidates
2. Donate to political parties
3. Be a political leader among your family and friends.
4. Do what a Malaysian should do.

After seriously evaluating all the options, I found that:

Option 1 is not my cup of tea. Also, this option is only applicable during campaigning period, which only happens once every 4 years? or sooner if there any by-election. Plus, its just too labour intensive, and shall leave this option for those who are highly motivated, not me.

Option 2 is a noble thought, and a costly one. What will my RM100 do towards a better Malaysia? Maybe can pay for a few of option 1's volunteer's meals and transportation? Nah, Unless I can donate something like RM 1mil, I won't bother. People always think they contributed by giving money, but patriotism is more than that.

Option 3 is great and you have to have some creditable knowledge in the current political scene to do it.I know I can do it. But, I would rather be a source of information that a political leader/ adviser among my family and friends. Debating with people who supports different parties is tiring! And I don't hope to be charged for defamation or sodomy.

Option 4 poses a great question, what should a Malaysian do towards a better Malaysia? Firstly, you need to imagine what your 'dream country' should look like. Seriously, I do not know how living in a dream country feels like.I definately do not know your defination of a dream country. After traveling quite a bit around the world, I still think Malaysia is the best place on earth for me. The food, the people, the natural scenarios, the way people speaks, the political jokes and the so called 'discrimination' claimed by everyone, its just too unique.

I like Malaysia, and over the years, things change, and the country needs some tweaking. Every Malaysian is expecting a major change, but as a normal Malaysian who cannot bother to act upon option 1, option 2 and option 3, I would do what a Malaysian should do, which is -- Be a Malaysian.

However, being a Malaysian is no easy feat.

You need to:

Thoroughly understand the history of our country.
Know the reason why Independance is sort after?
What happened before and after independance.
Understand why various political parties exists?
Understand what happened during May 13 incident.
Understand what NEP is really about.
Understand the plight of other fellow Malaysians.
Understand how the parliment works.
Understand and practise your rights as a Malaysian.
Think for yourself if petrol prices in Malaysia can really be as cheap as Saudi Arabia?
Learn the basics of inflation and growth.
Think for yourself, when things get bad, is it because of a race, a religion or its because of a few people who has misused their authorities?
Make friends with everyone, learn more about each other. Share your opinions between your friends of all races.
Find out if there's any country in the world that have no prejudice, racism and is fair to everyone?
Question yourself, how can you be part of a better Malaysia.

In fact, the list could just go on.

Even though born and lived in Malaysia for 25 years, I am still trying be a Malaysian.
Better start late than never,or worse yet, complain and do nothing, right?

Monday, 18 August 2008

Why so BIG?

The only reason I could think of, for them to serve in such a big bowl is:

To soak and wash my face with the leftover soup !?

Friday, 8 August 2008

To force or to follow

When I was young, I was hoping to do things my way, and have everything done in favour of myself.

Some years later, I discovered it is simply impossible to have everyone following your instructions, and things don't change because you want it to.

So, I started to learn the art of influencing.
I learnt different skills, the skills of persuasion, skills of motivation, skills of speaking, skills of deceiving, skills of lying and even the skills to threaten.

Alas, after years of trying, the world is still round, I still can't have free food in MacDonald's, can't get the stray dogs to listen to my stories and can't have a free Hull City FC jersey delivered to my doorstep.

Finally, after years of trying, I gave up. Instead of having people follow suit, I try to blend and follow suit. To follow whatever others are doing, is never difficult, but to follow and to maintain your own principles along the way, while not losing your own identity is.

I hope I can do it better.