Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Super Heros of Bandung

Do you know how irresponsible is it to leave a comment:" XXX, update , update!"

What is that suppose to be?
It's a place for comments, not for instructions!
I don't like that.
This is my blog, "MY" blog....and I can do whatever with it!

I'm so pissed, I ran away to Bandung.
Things were not so well, as I need to wake up by 6.30am to catch the 8.00am "travel" to Bandung from Kelapa Gading.

You just know the day will not be a good one when you have breakfast at some place with a name like this......

Ok....for those who don't know...it literally translates as :" Karapitan Unlucky Meatballs".
How lucky can one be after eating those unlucky meatballs?
Worse still, they even differentiate GOOD unlucky meatball from BAD unlucky meatballs.

Then I was like a mad, excited 5 year old who keeps on screaming out loud the only characters he knew .

" Wow, Spiderman!"

"It's a bird, its a plane, no, it's Superman!"

"OMG! It's Wolverine! Highlander! Terminator!"

(What do they have in common that makes them stand together anyway?)

I lost control......
WTF.......what one earth is SonGoKu standing besides Bruce Lee and Wolverine?"

Anyway, these are just the attention seeker of the factory outlets concentrated on Jalan Chihampelas.
I got so frustrated with all those shit, I just head home and update this blog without buying anything in Bandung.
So, are you happy I updated my blog?

Now go do your work, and don't post me instructions!

and no, I did not go up on the London Eye!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

On top of the world?

It's New Year's eve to 2008, everyone opted to go partying.

Some went Sungai Wang, some packed towards The Curve, others go to Midvalley.

The PM and their men were in Dataran Merdeka, but I, against all odd, went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa instead.

The reason, simple:

It would just be a once in a life time opportunity, and I shall not miss a photo session with the ferris wheel!

So I took this.....

And this..............

With the 'aiyah-nvmlah-once-in-a-lifetime' mindset, I reluctantly took a ride in the ferris wheel as well.

The view we could see up there was so AMAZING and I could see:

and this!

and this!

why are so many people are queuing and pay RM15 for it!?????

KLCC has been quite stingy and wasteful.

Their fireworks can't even go higher than 400m ??

I was hoping the fireworks to be something like this.....

but it turned out just there!!!! ( as shown with arrow)


But it's still a good way to enjoy the New Year's eve....despite all the traffic jam and 'toilet jam'.