Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Just did a random research, to see the response of my friends via MSN.
I started the conversation saying :" 我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。" (I'm 26 already, yet I've achieved nothing), and these are some of the responses I got.....haha

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"kenot say like that, at least u have ur dream"
梦想,成不成真? 谁知道?
(I need to be very hungry then....)

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"why? "
(Good friend ! )

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"所以还有4 年就30 咯, 不能白白得过咯,
不然的话, 白活了
(Didn't expect this from someone who is so weird....)

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"no ah.. i know u r doing some researches in sg"
(when did I tell anyone I'm doing research?)

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"ooii, sick ar"
"too free izit, sometimes thing cant be rushed"
"well, it is right to keep on pushing, always stay out of comfort zone"

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"dun crazy first
i gotta run out a while
26 is young!!!
i look up to you!
gimme few hours
ttyl "
(Caring but interesting yet busy friend)

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
"wat u wan to say"
just trying to see what u have to say
"i 28 years leh
but stil got nothing
wat u think
let u own the world also useless de
better have a meaning life
live ur life with meaning than u wont b regret
life doesnt count what u have or what u dont
is whether u can live u way and with meaning or not
got it"

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。。
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Jane Kong said...

Just get married! You'll have all the answers.

iplaywithheart said...


zychai said...


be more specific on what you want to achieve but didn't, can comment better!!

SONblogger said...

Jane: got such thing? Haha.....

Hong: 希望你说的是对的!

Chai: I guess the biggest achievement one person can have in life is to be respected and honored for doing the simple things in life?

Anonymous said...

26 only?

ma de...i'm 27 liao...



sep said...

我,26 岁了,一事无成。。。

That's ok because life starts at 30.

29爱自由 said...

was written at 16:26
= nothing better to do at that moment